Prescription Pharmaceuticals become hard to find for many reasons. Manufacturers cannot keep up with demand, raw material shortages, supply chain disruptions, discontinuations, back orders, etc. Several of these pharmaceutical products that are hard to find are widely popular, life-saving, single sku with no replacement, brands, specialty drugs, etc. Most healthcare facilities are contracted with one or two suppliers that they have to purchase all of their supplies from. But what happens when those suppliers are out of stock?

We have access to a network of 50+ suppliers that we can source products from, and our reliable industry relationships give us special access to seemingly unreachable products. As a top tier secondary distributor, our job is to source hard to find products that you need to maintain your regular business operations. We also stay ahead of medication shortages and "pre-shop" the hottest items for our clients in order to have supply when items become scarce from the primary suppliers. With our extensive vendor portfolio, 98% of hard to find products are made available to you from our team at Spartan Meds!

Spartan Meds has made certain that every DSCSA measure is exceeding industry standards to ensure the safe and ethical distribution of medications. As a licensed pharmaceutical distributor, Spartan Meds complies with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations that are stipulated by the FDA and DSCSA!